Key features

Automatic phone address

  • Mobispiral automatically creates a secure backup of contacts stored in your phone
  • The user do not have to remember about turning the app on – it works by itself in the background without any attention needed
  • The network’s administrator determinates how often the backup is done

Text messages

  • Mobispiral can create a secure backup of text messages from an Android device
  • You get your complete archive back whatever unfortunate would happen
  • The copy of text messages is done and stored securely together with phone book backup

Automatic distribution of company’s shared phone address book

  • Add the same contacts to phone address books of the whole group of devices
  • The additional contacts are tagged to distinguish them from ones collected manually
  • All the contacts are located in one phone address book so there is no need for searching them in other apps

Integration with VMware Airwatch

  • Mobispiral is secured by users Airwatch profile and password
  • The archives created by Mobispiral are being kept securely in your Airwatch local server
  • The app is controlled from the central managing console

Mobispiral is an app, which extends functionality of the VMware Workspace ONE platform (Airwatch) with possibilities that were not available in the standard distribution of the software.

Building and looking after your network is an important part of your professional life. The main feature of Mobispiral app is doing for you a backup of your personal phone address book.

After first logging in to the app, everything is automatically setup, and there is nothing more you have to do. Mobispiral will start by itself to pack your phone address book into secure file and upload it to your server in periods of time, where the Airwatch system is kept.

A lot of companies develop their joint phone address book that contain contacts to the most important clients or contractors. In some cases this could be a first step in getting a new employee into companies’ life.

Mobispiral provides an easy way to enlarge every smartphone in the Airwatch group with a contact base common to every employee or team. Contacts added automatically are also tagged in appropriate way to distinguish them from others.

Technical capabilities of Mobispiral doesn’t end here, because the other very useful function of the application is capability to backup also your text messages, which can in some cases save you a lot of time not needing to try recover conversation from other sources.

Other features

Automatic phone book backup

Text messages backup

Central admin console

Automatic distribution of company phone address book

Integration with VMware Airwatch

Mobispiral and policy of privacy
integracja z airwatch_w_platformie_vmware_workspace_one

Mobispiral is connected to Airwatch system. It is required to log in to the app using your account that already exists in your Airwatch server. This not only raises the level of security of storage but also the process of preparing a backup file. The file itself is kept in coded form on your own Airwatch server, which eliminates need of using external services to manage your confident data. Every company want to be active on the territory of Europe must fulfil some conditions about protecting personal data which are collected. Using both Workspace ONE by VMware containing Airwatch and Mobispiral makes easy to protect correctly every company and personal data kept on mobile phone.


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